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Zalyxe (Zah-lih-shuh) Aci'i Mortus
Name Zalyxe (Zah-lih-shuh) Aci'i Mortus
Age 18
Race Hraichi Elf-Human Hybrid
Quote "When will I see mommy again?"
Gender Male
Height 6'5"
Weight 245lbs.
Body Type Toned
Skin Color Pale Peach
Hair Color White
Hair Length Multi-Length
Hair Style Spiky bangs, short hair, several braids of hair
Markings Lower body scarring identical to Sadira's.
Clothing Usually wears tribal clothing.
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Unknown
Personality Unknown
Occupation Hunter
Class Protector

Basic Profile

  • Name: Zalyxe Aci'i Mortus
  • Age: 18 (Immortal)
  • Race: Half-Hraichi, Half-Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 6'5"
  • Weight: 245lbs.
  • Body Type: Toned, Thick
  • Eye Color: Left: Blue, Right: Yellow
  • Hair Color: Half White, Half Brown
  • Skin Color: Pale Peach
  • Scarring: Lower body scarring identical to Sadira's, dark blue in color.
  • Tattoos: Symbol for his name over his heart, inside of his mother's name.

Zalyxe's Family

Zalyxe was born from the union of Sadira (X. Mortus) and Tongeto Deor, and as of now, is the ONLY human and Hraichi Elf hybrid in existence. He is kept in seclusion because of this fact, not wanting to spark a war between humanity and elvenkind. He lives and works with his father on a marooned planet with a small tribe of humans living on it. He rarely sees his mother and father together, but on days that he does, he is proud to be their son.


Zalyxe inherited quite a bit from his mother, including her shattering scream, which keeps him from talking to anyone directly. He has no control over his "Shatter" ability.

  • Shatter - Voice that breaks objects around it, can be directed and aimed at individual targets, but does have a rippling effect that can be used.
  • Blood Sphere - A Psionic Power tied to vampirism. In a room full of victims, the user can pull all of the blood in the bodies into a single, hyper-condensed sphere for consumption.
  • Vampiric Speed/Minor Teleportation
  • Vampiric Seduction/Charm
  • Bone Manipulation/Shapeshifting
  • Psionic Spells
    1. Passive Psionic Spells: Comprehend Languages, Detect Thoughts, Discern Lies
    2. Active Psionic Spells: Telepathy, Telekinesis, Weird, Clairvoyance, Memory Obliteration/Persuasion, Telekinetic Levitation, Telekinetic Shield

Even though Sadira's son is not technically a mutant or a full-blooded Hraichi Elf, he has the potential to ascend.


best friends,
in love
Sadira (X. Mortus), Niisa, Tongeto Deor
good friends (none yet)
(none yet)
acquainted (none yet)
disliked (none yet)
loathed (none yet)
hated Professor Sinn