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Xxyrthica Bion Mortus
Xxyrthica by 4ofSwords.jpg


Name Xxyrthica Bion Mortus
Age 25
Race Mutant - Psionic Prowler Mutant
Quote "Yes, I CAN hear what you're thinking."
Gender Female, Male or Herm (can choose)
Height 8ft. 3in.
Weight 350lbs
Body Type Slender, toned, some curves
Skin Color Pinkish grey
Hair Color none
Hair Length none
Hair Style none
Special Features An exposed brain, spinal cord scythe tail, hooves...etc.
Markings none
Clothing none
Likes Intelligent happenings
Dislikes Utter stupidity
Personality A firecracker, for sure, but calm 9 times out of 10.
Occupation Hunter, Demi-Deity of Sexuality
Class Psion


  • She is Sadira (X. Mortus)'s fourth and oldest daughter.
  • She is a Mutant of the Psionic Prowler Breed (yes, there are more of them).
  • She can be any gender, but prefers female.
  • She ingests prey with the mouth between her hemispheres.
  • She has no eyes.
  • Her tail is made of solid bone that can slice through metal.
  • Her mother allows her to run loose and hunt.

Short Introduction to Xxyrthica (The Hunt)

It is dark...very dark, actually, the best time for Xxyrthica to be out and about in the world. As a psionic monster she can hear every thought of the mentally weak...and it quite bluntly drives her mad. She'd made the mistake before of wandering out in broad daylight in feral form (basically a lion with a brain for a body), and the shrill cry of every woman, man and child in sight rang in her ears for days. She could have changed shape right then and there, but with humans looking upon her as they did, it wouldn't have made that much of a difference. Xxyrthica was a feral, four-legged brain...but there was more to her...or it, rather. She could become more humanoid in shape, with no real need to do as most of her type did: steal bodies. That was actually something she had never actually done herself. was the other half of her...the humanoid half, that let her have the most fun. After her realization that people were never going to accept her or what she was, she decided that she would hunt them at night.

Up in the trees she would wait for those that couldn't take a warning from their towns to stay away, swinging her spinal tail back and forth like a pendulum as she would bide her time. Those that strayed too far into the forest usually didn't have too many thoughts at once, and she could "influence" their path to make them come her way. And when the prey looks up, their sight would scare them so much that they become paralyzed.

Xxyrthica would stand on the branch, bent down with her legs spread, sex precariously glistened with a mix of dew and her own juice. Her pointed and bony toes dig into the wood to keep herself balanced, each of her 3-clawed hands draped over her knees. That...wasn't exactly the strangest part of her...most were not frightened by that. Most weren't even bothered that her spine was exposed and elongated as a tail. What they were afraid of...was her face. Xxyrthica had her mother's lips, plump and spreading ear to ear for an eerie grin, lined with razor sharp and perfectly white teeth...and even that wasn't as bad as the top half of her face. There were two nostrils where a nose would be, her skull curved slightly, leaving only an inch between the top of her lips...and the exposed brain at her cranium. That was the most disturbing part of her being...a glistening...dark pink...and bloodless brain. It was the one reason that, even though she was gorgeously formed from the neck down, she couldn't be looked upon without fear.

It was that very fact that she used to her advantage. With people afraid to move when looking upon her, she could kill them without having to expend too much of her mental energy.

The man looked up at her in fear, stumbling for words...his thoughts a mess of memories, "...w-what are you...?" he finally manages to say to her, taking one step back.

Xxyrthica leans forward, opening her mouth slightly and flicking a forked tongue across her lips. She cannot intellect devourer can without a body...but she can force thought into minds, ...thinking I'm a monster will not make your death any less painful... she speaks to him mentally, springing out of the tree and landing in front of him, wrapping her long, bleached claws around his slender neck.

"P-please...d-don't...I have a family..." he mutters to her, bleeding from the claws' contact with his skin.

She shakes her head, I know that...I know all about you...your knowledge will be useful to me...

For a moment, he could swear he saw her brain...splitting apart...and a second glance would make that assumption true. Her brain was splitting apart, right at the hemispheres, trails of saliva separating from each side. There is a maw inside of her brain, but toothless, hollow, and not for feeding from flesh.

She lifts him up in the air, pressing her forehead to his, their thoughts becoming one for an entire moment as the mouth within her brain literally starts to suck his lifeforce, his soul...and everything that he knows from his corpse. He would be alive for only a few seconds and in an excruciating amount of pain as his body is drained of everything humans as a whole saw as precious.

His body fell limp in her grasp, bits of flesh peeling from his neck as he crumples to the ground. were wise to not fight me... she "says" to his lifeless corpse, leaning down to finish the job...with her claws. In a matter of seconds, his body is no more...nothing but the splatter of blood and flesh on the ground...and with the rain approaching soon...even that would be lost forever.

Powers and Abilities

Mind Domain Spells ( Psychic Power ):

  1. Comprehend Languages: You understand all spoken and written languages.
  2. Detect Thoughts: Allows “listening” to surface thoughts.
  3. Telepathic Bond ( Greater ): Link with subject within 100 feet for 24 hours.
  4. Discern Lies: Reveals deliberate falsehoods.
  5. Telepathic Bond: Link lets allies communicate.
  6. Probe Thoughts: Read subject’s memories.
  7. Brain Spider: Eavesdrop on thoughts of up to eight other creatures.
  8. Mind Blank: Subject is immune to mental/emotional magic and scrying.
  9. Weird: Fearful illusion affects all within 30 feet.
  10. Telekinesis: Move objects with the mind.
  11. Clairvoyance: Ability to gain information about an object, location or physical event by being in the target's presence.
  12. Telepathic Levitation: Allows the subject to float until energy runs out.
  13. Immolation: Ability to set objects ablaze.
  14. Teleportation: Ability to move through space and time to another location.
  15. Invisibility: Ability to become unseen by enemies.


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Sadira (X. Mortus)
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