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Regions of Occupation: Forests, lightly populated villages.

Climate Preferred: Moderate or Temperate, plenty of rain and sunshine.

Known Clans/Tribes: Ki'vash, N'oonia, Lkire.

Preferred Races: Hraichi, Hxapethian, Ser'pin'tiik, Dragons.

Spoken Languages: Hxapethian, Each tribe has its own language.

Allowed Classes: Druids, Gaeakineticists, Monk, Seer, Fighter, Ranger.

Alignment: Usually Neutral...leaning more towards Good.

General Appearance: Light skin, brown/blonde/red/black hair, any color eyes, medium length ears, no scarring but tattoos are possible. Usually dress in leather or light materials.

Important Wood Elves: Ria, the last of the wood elves.

Special Abilities: Natural ability to manipulate nature.

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