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The White Elves were a revered race in Neverwere, as they were the purest "good" there could ever be, so much so that they cut themselves off from anything that would taint their "good" souls. They weren't even aware of the wars between other races, the chaos that was plaguing their world. And it was for that reason that the god Daashub saved them...however their savior became their curse.

Regions of Occupation: Usually Caverns, some have been known to stay in swamps and other murky places, anywhere AWAY from other people.

Climate Preferred: Any climate, but enjoy a humid and wet climate.

Known Clans/Tribes: Huro, Mujiinto, Firae

Preferred Races: None.

Spoken Languages: What is now known as Hraichi.

Allowed Classes: Ranger, sorceresses of any school, fighter, cleric, monk, thief, bard, psionic, druid, etc. Only females can be magic-users.

Alignment: True Good, Lawful Good.

General Appearance: White skin, light grey/blue hair, light colored eyes, tribal scarring (to purify the "evil"). Usually dress in red or white leather.

Important White Elves: Aki'dan, the Priestess who found the cave that led the White Elves into what they are now called today: Hraichi.

Special Abilities: High powered innate psionic abilities, super sight (perfect for archery).