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Visara Hanaran Mortus


Name Visara Hanaran Mortus
Age 70,000 years older than Sadira
Race Hraichi Elf-Mutant-Mutarros
Quote "Right away Sinn~"
Gender Female
Height 10ft. 9in.
Weight 9,694lbs.
Body Type Athletic
Skin Color Dark Blue
Hair Color White with a green stripe
Hair Length Back length
Hair Style Straight, some curls
Markings NO scarring
Clothing None
Likes Professor Sinn, Bounty Hunting
Dislikes Sadira
Personality Fiery-tempered, Sadistic
Occupation Bounty Hunter
Class Assassin
Visara, the mother of the Goddess of Neverwere.


Accomplishments: Destruction of the race of Wood Elves and White Elves (the last of the white elves)

Other Information: Visara was assigned by the Professor to take care of Sadira (X. Mortus) and watch her in her early stages of development. But, she was to busy uhm…having fun…to watch her and she escaped from the planet. The Professor got mad at her and told her not to return until ‘his prized possession’ is returned. Now, she wanders the universe, following the path of Sadira’s destruction, trying to recapture her. But, she has not found her. So, she hired bounty hunters to hunt for Sadira. Unbeknownst to everyone, Visara is actually Sadira's right mother!


Visara's new life began when she found out that she was pregnant. At the time she was Hanaran Visara B'iren, married to a brilliant man, a blacksmith no doubt (Dumirian crafts magic weapons). She'd spent 7 1/2 months carrying the children, not knowing that she was pregnant with twins at first. And then it came. Earlier than she'd expected...

“Honey…I can’t do this…I can’t do it!” Hanaran shouted at her husband, gripping the blankets beneath her with her slender blue fingers, her grasp so tight her knuckles were turning white as her bone pressed against her skin. She was having difficulties during her pregnancy, of which she was only seven months into out of the usual nine month span. Every doctor she had went to said that she was going to be fine, and she was foolish enough to believe them. Hanaran hissed at Dumirian, the pain of the contractions and dilations too much for her to handle. Her hair was a tangled mess atop her head, frizzles of white practically sparking from her head, unlike it’s usual beautiful silken braids. She was breathing heavily and sweating, lines of distress carving into her perfect face. She looked much older now, broken, more so from the pain than anything else that had happened to her in the recent days. It was odd, as that kind of torment usually didn’t come until after the birth…something was wrong.

Dumirian was, at the time, the perfect specimen considered by elven standards, and even more so in Hraichi. He was built like a brick house, muscles rippling about his body like the greatest tides of the Urian seas. He also towered above his adversaries at 7’4”, a tower of terror as seen by those he conquered. But now, with this distress, lines of frustration and worry carved into his face, making him seem older and more frail than his outer appearance. He’d already begun to call doctors, witch-maidens, and even a shaman to his abode in the center of town, his wife’s beckoning call and pain driving him a little bit insane. “Hana, please hang on a little bit longer…the people are coming…they’re coming just hold on.” He tried to assure her things would be okay, leaning down on his massive scarred legs to rub over her engorged stomach and holding her hand tightly in his own. “Shh…just hang on baby, hang on….”

Hana squeezed his hand tightly, nearly bone-breaking. Surprising how much strength the woman had for her petite size. “Dumi…something is wrong…this isn’t supposed to be happening!! Please make it stop! It hurts!” she was heaving in breath, the repetitions coming closer together as the scars on her stomach started to stretch apart, glowing a dull hue of blue. She could feel it, the warmth of the light sinking deep into her body as she arched her back, her semi-divine features coming to fruition in the moonlight-driven home. From her slender chin to her painstakingly distressed face, she was the vision of beauty and power that Dumirian fell in love with. “Get it out…!! Get it out of me!” she yelped, arching more and more as she felt the end of the pregnancy running through her veins.

Dumirian swiped his hand to push his silken white hair back. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he looked outside. The moons, all 7 of them, were in complete alignment with each other, each moon a crescent as it passed behind the others. Something is wrong…she’s right…what the hell has possessed this celestial happening…? he thought to himself, shudders passing through him as a storm started to break in the horizon, approaching their house with a rapid speed. “By Daashub…this is too much for us…please take me! Spare my wife…! Spare her! Take me instead!” he shouted, slamming his fists down to the ground, still rubbing Hana’s stomach gently with the other. He noted that her scars were glowing brighter than they had been before, noticeably more the closer the storm got to their dwelling. His eyebrows twitched in anger as this all happened, his wife’s beckoning and painful sounding call making him livid at life itself.

Visara, pregnant with the twins of fate

Then, the unthinkable happened. Hanaran stopped breathing. She wasn’t moving, other than the few spasms from her rather swelled torso. Her yellow eyes were open, her mouth agape as the last breath of air escaped her system. Hana was no longer alive.

Dumirian gasps, putting his fingers on her neck, “This is not good…no pulse…no breathing…oh my god…she’s dead! Daashub! We trusted you!” he shouted, his jaw dropping as he watched the lightning strike through the window and engulf Hana. He had to jump back from the sheer burst of energy and the white-hot spark of purity that took her and lifted her into the air. Her eyes lit up an iridescent shade of white, searing hot to the touch, her scars just as bright. Dumirian backed into the corner of the room, hands partially covering his eyes from the shock of the light. “What in god’s name….is going on…? Give me my baby girl back!!” he shouted, getting up and sprinting towards her glowing body only to be propelled backwards and crashing against the wall. His head whipped back, smacking against the hard surface. He grabbed his head with both hands, “Son of a…what the--” he stopped, staring in awe at what he was seeing.

Hana was floating in mid air, light emanating from her body and flowing about her in every direction. Her hair, which was white before, now was burning like fire about her head. Her scars were now illuminated with a bright red light, nearly engulfing her body. She’d been pregnant before, now she was holding her children, two of them, in her arms like a mother would, the lights fading and finally dropping her to the ground. Hana took a deep breath, crumpling to the floor with her twin girls in her arms. She looked up at Dumirian, “It is done…”

Dumirian looked at her, brushing a few strands of hair out of her face, pressing his steel blue lips to her forehead, “What is done sweetheart…are you alright?” he asked her, looking at the twin girls, both of which already had a rather thick white hair. They felt warm to the touch, not-so-strange after witnessing what he just had. And then he noticed something even more awkward. There were glowing marks on the back of their necks. His eyes widened in fear, the symbols deciphering to mean “Guardian” and “Prophecy” in Daashubian scripture. The children were perfect in body and mind, but in spirit…they would be worlds apart…and he knew it. “Hana…”

Hanaran was quite tired, holding the twins in her arms and panting rather hard. “…these are the Children of Daashub…” she sighed, reclining back so that she could stroke through her newborn children’s perfectly soft white hair. Although the circumstances were quite a bit weirder than they were used to, she had known about this pregnancy way before Dumirian had worked to conceive the child. The only thing that Daashub hadn’t informed her…is that conception with Dumirian meant twins…they’d turned the wheels of Fate against the children.

Dumirian, upon hearing this fact from Hana, shook his head in disbelief. He didn’t want to even think that these children weren’t his. That alone would mean they’d be the disgrace of the Tsunaiitakai Clan. Men in the Hraichi race were seen merely as hunters and fathers, and if their woman were carrying a child that was not from their union…it’d be considered treason…Dumirian shuddered, coming to rest next to her, brushing his fingers through the Chosen One’s hair, noticing that the identical twins were already starting to grow ringlets of pure white silken strands. He sighed heavily, looking at Hana, “What have you decided to name them Hanaran?” he asked, fingering through her braids.

Hana looked up at him, “I’m not the one that named the messiah…and the chosen name for her was Talina…” she handed him the Chosen One, “…as for her…I am not sure what to name her…you can have that honor Dumirian…” she then gave him Talina and laid down to rest on the floor, just staring blankly at the ceiling. She was broken.

Dumirian looked at the twins, mostly at the Chosen One, getting a few of the constantly growing ringlets of the newborn’s hair. “…I think I shall name you…Kalika Asuki…” he sighed, shaking his head. Kalika Asuki…meaning “torn asunder” in ancient Surin…you are not…my child…He sighed, cradling his children in his arms, “Kalika and Talina…my twins…our twins…” he said softly, reaching on the nightstand and whipping the satin sheet from it to wrap the two up. As he looked at them, he couldn’t help but marvel at the two. They were completely identical, from the ringlets of curls of their silken hair to the fine curves of their delicate noses, everything, except for their eyes…

Kalika, the Chosen One, as her eyes came open for the first time to take in the scenery, revealed that her eyes were nearly white with a grey tint to the corners. She had no pupils, no irises, no nothing. Her eyes were colored as if she was blind, but it was hard to tell now whether she was or not at the moment. That was an attribute he would have to investigate more upon later. Dumirian then looked for a moment at Talina as her eyes peeled open as well. Talina’s eyes, very very unlike her twin’s, were as amber as the gem of his scimitar. That’ll be what helps us keep them separated…he thought to himself, finally deciding to stand up and bring the twins to the cradle he had spent about three hours planning and building.

It was a finely crafted cradle, made of the best korsht tree wood around, so smooth and rich in color, it was fit for the Queen herself. He set the two down lightly, leaving them in the satin sheet for now, though pulling up another one to cover them. He also fluffed their pillows, starting to sing in the sweetest and sultry tone, “Wuo tsuj qurin xxyri tentu senjt liir muh hatha iiden…” as the song continued, he watched over the twins, making sure that they were fast asleep before he turned to help Hana off the floor.

Dumirian knew that Hana wanted to rest against the wall for a while, and she was too hot to the touch to hold her for too long without being seriously burned. “Hana….are you feeling better…?” he asked her, bringing her a soft satin sheet to wrap her in, helping her up and leading her to their porch outside so that they could relax. He let her sit down first, her skin finally cooling down, steam actually forming in the modestly warm air. She was still beautiful…despite the hell of being put through what Hana had experienced.

Hana finally spoke to him, a smile breeching her tired looking face, “…Dumirian…I’m fine…I haven’t felt this good in a very long time. We have a family, why wouldn’t I be alright?” Her long ears twitched, flushing with a faint hue of purple like her cheeks, “I love you…so much.”

He leaned over to her, stroking over her bare shoulders gently, and pressed his lips to hers, “…I love you too…”

It didn't get any easier from there on...Hanaran had found out that the children were to destroy each other, it had been written in the prophecy. Desperate, she took her children and her husband, sneaking on the next ship out of there. She had to get away. They all had to get away from prophecy, away from the god that decieved them, away from all of it. Unfortunately, she couldn't be so lucky, and neither was the rest of her family...

A terrible storm hit the waters they were sailing on...and it destroyed the boat. The twins were thrown into the water, seperated just as the god had told them would happen. Visara washed ashore of her town, along with Dumirian and countless others. The twins, however, were lost for good.

Years had passed, and she cursed her elven aging as she laid in bed night after night, neither eating or drinking. She had been broken...and stayed that way for many years...

One night while Dumirian was out, she was approached by a bright light, becoming trapped in it instantaneously and carried away. The heat inside of the sphere was ridiculously high, too much so for her to handle. She'd passed out...and where she awoke would lead her to her new destiny...

Visara, a beautiful huntress.


Sadira and Visara fighting in the labs!

She'd been taken to the holding area of the labs, a cruel joke she had thought at first, but then when she was approached by Professor Sinn, she knew it wasn't a nightmare. He'd given her a proposition, an ultimatum of dire consequences, "Either you work for me and hunt what I tell you to, or I'll turn you into feed for my newer pets." And then he was gone. What choice did she have if she ever wanted to see her children again? She knew there was a spark of hope somewhere...even if it took millenia to find them.

Visara agreed, and was experimented on immediately. The experiments themselves weren't as painful, nor could she remember anything that happened before them. She was a blank slate...a blank killing slate for the Professor's own gain...

After the next 2 experiments were made, Visara had become a bounty hunter, killing countless amounts of innocents and capturing them to feed the Professor's wicked lust for torture...and it was during those times that she fell for him. She would never admit it, but she felt more for him than she felt for anyone. And she remained by his side, his devious pet.

And it was when Sadira was "born" that things became an issue...always escaping, always aggravating her dearest, always causing trouble...and it was then she decided that she was going to hunt Sadira down, even though she had no idea that that was her very own daughter!

Powers and Abilities

  1. Fire Spells
    1. Passive Fire Spells: Warmth (Curative), Flame Barrier
    2. Active Fire Spells: Fire Bolt, Inferno, Blaze (Flame Trail), Fireball, Flare, Firewall, Encircle, Incinerate, Meteor, Fire Wraith, Lava Wall, Volcano, Fire Storm
  2. Poison Spells
    1. Passive Poison Spells: Neutralize Poison, Antidote
    2. Active Poison Spells: Rotting Touch, Decay Object, Mind Rot, Infect, Poison Splash, Toxic Cloud, Infectious Summon, Poison Spirit
  3. Clerical Spells
    1. Passive Clerical Spells: Bless, Might, Shield of Faith, Resistance, Healing Circle, Healing Wave, Light Barrier
    2. Active Clerical Spells: Cure Light/Moderate/Serious/Critical Wounds, Regenerate, Rejuvenate, Searing Light, Revive


best friends,
in love
Professor Sinn
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hated Sadira (X. Mortus)