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At one point in time, these creatures were people, warriors actually. But too many of them chose a wrong path, and in order to punish the race forever for their cursed ways, they became what they are now...damned souls covered in their worst fear, whether physical or an illusion, and sealed with a doll-like porcelain coat.

Region of Occupation: Caverns, Underground, Cemeteries, Murky Swamps and Rotting places.

Clans within Species: None.

Preferred Race(s): All Races.

Spoken Languages: Universal Common Tongue, Valkic.

Allowed Classes: Not allowed to be warriors ever again. But they are allowed to serve under warriors.

Alignment(s): Evil, whether chaotic or lawful.

General Appearance: Appearance differs from Valkyrie to Valkyrie because of the porcelain skin. They can look like an Hraichi or like a human...the doll chooses its host.

Important Valkyrie: Niisa, a servant to Sadira (X. Mortus), and the first Valkyrie.

Special Abilities: None allotted.