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Tongeto "Tony" Deor
Name Tongeto "Tony" Deor
Age 35
Race Human
Quote "I'll get you, you goddamned monster!"
Gender Male
Height 6ft. 4in.
Weight 245lbs.
Body Type Athletic, Toned
Skin Color Peach, Pale
Hair Color Dark Red
Hair Length Short
Hair Style Tousled, sometimes slicked back.
Markings Three claw marks down his spine.
Clothing Usually seen in a tight black shirt, loose fitting combat pants, black combat boots and gloves, fingerless of course.
Likes Booze, his gun, his wife, his job.
Dislikes ......
Personality Relaxed at times, but quick to pull his gun on an enemy, fun loving, sometimes shy, dominant.
Occupation Special Task Force (Police)
Class Gunner

Basic Profile



The Death of His Wife

Sadira, after her eighth mutation, escaped from the laboratories that Sinn owned on the planet Ki’xa, in the countryside region known as Kesin. An announcement had been made on the city’s speakers that she had escaped and to stay inside, as she was considered very dangerous.

The Special Task Force was dispatched to find and capture her, and told to use excessive force as necessary. Part of this STF was Tongeto. Everyone just called him Tony, as it was easier to pronounce. He was a prized member of the STF for his numerous kills and captures in the short three years that he had been working there.

He figured capturing a mutant would be a breeze. This creature was an animal right?

What he didn’t know was that Sadira was using her psionics in order to retain an invisible form and climb up buildings, searching for a meal. When she found her meal, she slipped into the woman’s room, and as the woman begged for her life (and told Sadira that she was pregnant), Sadira sliced her into two parts, draining the blood from the bottom half first.

Tongeto had gotten a lead on Sadira using a thermal-scope...and his heart went into his throat when he saw the familiar building...and the familiar room...he panicked, tearing his way through the building and going to check in on his wife. He found the still alive upper half of his wife, Shilena on the floor, at the feet of the massive creature known only to the town as “IX”.

Immediately he put his scope on Sadira, bending down to see if his wife was still okay. And, as her dying breaths escaped her body, she told her husband in a light voice that she was pregnant...four weeks pregnant.

This enraged Tongeto to a point he rushed Sadira, tackling her through the wall, where the two fought each other tooth and claw (Sadira really did win this one), tumbling to the ground.

Sadira wrapped her tail around Tongeto and slammed him to the ground, flying off into the distance.

Tongeto’s team saw this, and started firing at her. Twenty-one shots penetrated the bone in her arm, making her tumble down and land into the grassy knoll half a mile away. Bleeding and broken, Sadira bided her time until half of the team arrived, and burned all but one to ash with her power. The other she quickly seduced and fed from in order to heal her broken limbs. Then, she flew away again, looking for her next meal so that she could teleport away from the planet for good.

“Larez, I’m going to kill her,” Tongeto said while being bandaged by the nurse. “She will burn for what she did! Ow!” He hissed as the nurse poured H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) on his cuts. The blood trickled from his hand, and the nurse started to bandage up his knuckles.

“You did quite well, Lieutenant. At least you didn’t come here in a body bag,” said the nurse. She disposed of her rubber gloves and signed the clipboard. “You’re good to go.”

“Thank you, Nurse Jetts.” Tongeto and Captain Larez walked out of the room, waiting to hear from their commanding officer for new orders. Sadira was gone, and this time they were sure she wasn’t coming back.

“What I do not understand, Tongeto, is why she didn’t kill you when she had the opportunity,” explained Larez, rubbing his goatee. “She destroyed my regiment and left me and you alive. Something has clouded her judgment recently.”

“I believe,” Tongeto started, “It was me. She did single-handedly destroy my pregnant wife.”

Larez gasped, “Shilena? She killed Shilena?! Oh, my god!”

“In cold blood, too,” he said, “Split her in half with those massive claws of hers.”

“I’m so sorry, Tongeto. I didn’t realize,” Larez sounded more solemn than usual.

“It’s okay, I will just have to hunt her down and kill her myself,” he explained.

“You’ll need back-up. You don’t want to be stuck with her when she’s mad. She’s destroyed many planets because of that temper!” Larez searched through some technical files on Sadira, researching more than he really needed to know. “Why did the professor even create her? Didn’t he have anything better to do?”

“That woman…is the daughter of Daashub. She is a goddess, and ruler of all species in Neverwere. You know that, right?” he asked.

Tongeto nearly choked on his drink, “No, I didn’t! Daashub!! She is our Queen!! What the fuck is she doing in Sinn’s grasp??”

“No one knows, Tongeto. Apparently, she was ‘born’ in Lii'tenx to Hraichi parents before she was orphaned to a human family,” he explained, “The humans of the village tortured her for days, beating her and trying to rape her before Daisha and Helix Vassille found her. I don’t think that they knew what she was when they found her.” Larez rustled some papers around on his desk.

“They were good people too,” Tongeto said. He brushed his fingers through his hair, “I just won’t be able to forgive her for killing Shilena. I just won’t.” He grabbed his coat off the rack and headed for the door.

“She’s a victim too, you know! Just don’t do anything stupid!” Larez shouted as Tongeto left, “There’s nothing you can do to stop her…so don’t try!”

Tongeto grabbed for his laser guns, and walked out the door…

From that moment on, he sought to destroy her. But, it wasn’t until he saw why she is the way that she is that he had a change of heart, and it took years for the two of them to form a bond. Sadira, after years of the two being together, informed him when he asked her if she had said anything before she died. Sadira told him “no, but her thoughts were on the child of another man."

Although Tongeto’s heart had been broken, he had a sudden change in feelings when he discovered that his wife was not as faithful as she was presumed to be. And...Sadira had mutated into quite the attractive he pardoned for her attention...

...and got it.

The Haunted Past

What do four human men sitting at a table at a bar have in common?

They all work for the same faction, each can handle a gun very well, and they all love to talk about women.

Each of the sturdily built men were laughing and having a good time, talking about which of the waitresses they wanted to take home for the night. Well. All but one.

Lieutenant Deor had been dragged out by his inferior officers in order to “take a load off.” It had been three years since the brutal murder of his wife, and they decided that he needed to get laid. They had been hounding him for a couple of weeks, so he finally caved to get them off of his ass about it.

“So anyways, how do you like your women, Shaz?” the younger of the three officers said, taking a swig of his ale.

Shaz, who was only four years younger than Deor, had tattoos on nearly every inch of his body, save for his face, in an odd language. He was pierced in his nose, ears, and nipples (not that everyone paid attention to that part), and was a “rebel” as he called himself, even though he always executed his orders rather efficiently and without any lip. He raised his glass to the waitresses who were resting for a moment at the bar, “I like them younger, with full hips and big lips. How about you, Deor?”

Deor, who had been thinking about his last “experience” with a woman, if it could even be called that, and snapped at attention, “Huh?”

Shaz chuckled, as well as the other two, “Your face is blood red, were you staring at those chicks and thinking nasty?”

“Oh god no, they’re not my type,” his face was hot, especially considering the vivid memories flashing in his mind at every syllable the other men dropped. The sway of her large hips, the whip of her head that sent all of that hair so gracefully back, and those breasts...a man could literally get lost in them.

“So, what is your type then? Skinny, short, and robotic?” the men started cackling at him.

He was too embarrassed to say what was really on his mind...and the fact that it was absolutely against the code of his job to do so made it that much sexier.

“No no, I can’t really say, it’s been so long know.”

Shaz gasped, “You mean you have yet to sleep with anyone since...then?!”

“That was three years ago man!”

“Oh god, blue ball alert!”

Deor shook his head and his hands, waving the giggling girls away, “No no! I have, just...I can’t talk about it.”

“Are you gay?”

“Excuse me?!” he exclaimed, slamming his palm on the table, “I am not gay. I just...the woman I slept with can’t be talked about, at all. GOT IT?”

“Yes sir...” the others quieted down, drinking and soon carrying on amongst themselves.

Now that he had a moment to think to himself, those vivid visions of Sadira’s presence were haunting him, her moaning could practically be heard all around him. He shifted to cross his legs, taking a long, hard swig of his drink to try and drown her out. Why was she haunting him NOW of all times?

Probably because of how he first came to get to know the female mutant. By force.

Oh yes, Sadira had begged him not to touch her while she was being chained down to the pod’s floor, but he didn’t listen to her. He took that opportunity to invade her.

She was a monster. After all that she had done to fuck up their lives, she deserved it.

At least in his eyes she did. The guard had been talking amongst themselves for weeks about this “new experiment,” and Tongeto didn’t see her as a person.

He saw her as a piece of meat, just as the Professor who hired him to watch her did. After all, it was HER fault he was never home with his wife. It was HER fault he was too tired to fuck his wife when he was home. She deserved everything he gave her that night, and he fucked her hard.

He thrust so hard into her that her entire upper torso, along with all of the chains holding her, pressed painfully against the solid glass wall of the pod, which cracked under the pressure of her claws and his strength.

“Ii nu yytamo!” she cried. At the time, she didn’t know Common tongue.

He would never forget that phrase. He knew exactly what it meant. He didn’t have to know to Hraichi to understand “stop, you’re hurting me.”

Her cries were high pitched, her body was trembling, and after he finished, she didn’t move, aside from sinking to the bottom of the pod.

He’d spit on her leg, telling her that she would never remember it after the Professor was through with her, and to enjoy it.

Boy had he been wrong.

Deor shuddered hard as he took another hard swig of his ale, motioning to the waitress to bring his comrades another round. He had to leave or his Sadira-on-the-Brain would cause him to embarrass himself in public.

“I’ll see you around guys, probably back at the base later,” he gave them a salute, grabbed his coat and made his way out of the bar.

Quite a performance, a familiar voice whispered into his mind. He shuddered so hard his cock stiffened immediately. Thankfully it was dark and he could scoot into the woods to get rid of the evidence of his arousal. His face was already red from his little mental adventure, this was just going to have to go away or he couldn’t walk home in peace.

I know you hear me, Tongeto.

“Gah! I hear nothing!”

And then her presence was all around him, suffocating him, squeezing him. He couldn’t ignore his inability to breathe, let alone speak.

I thought so. Having fun with those long-lost memories I was told you had eradicated?

“Release me! You shouldn’t even be here!” he finally shouted, attempting to break her psionic hold on him, but to no avail did he succeed. She was far too powerful now.

Oh ho ho, I think at this point I can be wherever I please. You wanted me enough to visit the past, but you didn’t dare venture into the part of your mind that we BOTH enjoyed. I wonder why that is? Did you miss me that much?

“I...I...” he stuttered, stuck between his inability to breathe and his lack of clean thoughts so that he could speak straight. Mentally, he was fucked. There was nothing he could hide from her, and knowing that she had been waiting outside of the bar the entire time didn’t help. His mind went to such dark places when he drank.

“That was such a long time ago, why do you keep company who bring that shit up?” she finally manifested in the darkness, her powerful body in its most perfect form: nude. Her physical appearance made the hold on Tongeto’s body loosen entirely.

He gasped for air and coughed a few times before finally straightening his body. He knew that there were few things that Sadira expected from him, one of which, and this was the main one, was for his complete attention. And it wasn’t JUST his focus she had. He was hard as a brick.

“Those people are the people I work with. They know things. It’s not hard to figure out since it was all over the television for a while after it happened,” he said, keeping his hands behind his back. He’d made the mistake of going for his weapon once before, and had fifteen scars down his back to prove it.

She whirled her claw, “Let the past be the past, I was very different back then.”

He chuckled a bit nervously, “You were smaller, and much easier to deal with.”

“You callin’ me fat already? Bad boy!” she snickered, walking towards him, swaying her wide hips in such a way that if he followed with his body, he’d fall over.

He kept his stance though, not wanting to make any sudden movements around Sadira, and now that she was so close to him, he could smell the spicy scent of her hair, which was just as distracting as her blunt nudity. “Sadira...what do you want from me?”

She chuckled, sitting down on her knees so that he didn’t have to crane his neck up to keep eye contact, “What I want is simple. I want you to tell me the answer to your associate’s question.”

“You were listening in on that?”

She smirked, “I want to hear it.”

He gulped, nearly shaking he was so nervous. “What I look for in a woman?”

She nodded.

“I...I look for a woman who is,” he started, “strong...and...beautiful...”

She started to crawl towards him, breasts pressed against his strong chest now. “Go on.”

“I like them to be sexually appealing, and...” he stopped, bringing his hand up to her breast, “...and soft.”

She chuckled again, this time ordering him to lay back on the ground. “...and what else?”

“And dangerous...” he finally admitted, body flushed as he did as he was told, peeling his shirt off in the process, shivering as the cool grass met his warm skin. “...and on top of me.”

“Just hearing you admit it makes me all squishy,” she straddled him, a smirk wide on her lips. “It is because of your job your friends can’t know of me...but you ached to tell them, didn’t you?”

“You know too much Sadira, but yes...”

“You know this could make you lose your job, and possibly your life. Right?”


“Say it...”


“Say it Tongeto.”

“I love you.”

The Wicked Present

The Grim Future

Powers and Abilities


best friends,
in love
Sadira (X. Mortus), Zalyxe (A. Mortus)
good friends (none yet)
(none yet)
acquainted (none yet)
disliked (none yet)
loathed (none yet)
hated Professor Sinn