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Talina Karu B'iren
Talina and Sadira.png

The Twins of Fate

Name Talina Karu B'iren
Age Same as Sadira
Race Hraichi Elf
Quote "The desires of most are as twisted as a corkscrew..."
Gender Female
Height 6ft. 2in.
Weight 180lbs.
Body Type Lithe, but toned
Skin Color Dark Blue
Hair Color White
Hair Length Down to her thighs
Hair Style Ponytail, some braids
Markings Tribal scarring, identical to Sadira
Clothing Usually seen in a leather bodice, thigh high boots, and gloves, fingerless.
Likes Andromeda, and everything about it.
Dislikes War
Personality Nice, Kind, Charming
Occupation Matriarch of Andromeda
Class Elemental Kineticist

Short Story

Ah, yes. The twin that no one has been told about. Talina was born 2 minutes after Kalika, making her the younger of the two, and the second to receive a small mark from the god of the realm of Neverwere, Daashub. There couldn't be two Queens of Neverwere, Talina was taken from her parents at age 5 and expelled to the Realm of Andromeda, taught by wizards in the arts of magic and fighting until she was strong enough to take over, becoming the reigning ruler of her small part of the Universe. Talina, after reading a few history books that had been hidden from her, found out about the Twins of Fate, and her being one of them. And as for her twin that she doesn't remember....that happens to be the Queen of Neverwere, and the person she is at war with, Sadira.

From the rumors she has heard, it's true what they say: there always is one good twin and one evil twin. Question is, who is on what side?


best friends,
in love
Dumirian (I. B'iren), Armend (O. Mortus)
good friends Visara (H. Mortus)
Tongeto Deor
acquainted Oriixa
disliked Layla (L. Mortus)
loathed Blaike (S. Mortus), Lucern (D. Mortus)
hated Sadira (X. Mortus), Sokima (C. Mortus), Coorda (N. Mortus)