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Sokima Charlena Mortus

Sokima and Sadira, kissing passionately.

Name Sokima Charlena Mortus
Age 2,500 years older than Sadira
Race Mutant - Qityaul Mutant
Quote "Night has thousands of spies..."
Gender Female
Height 8ft. 11in.
Weight 385lbs.
Body Type Curvy, Athletic
Skin Color Dark Blue
Hair Color White
Hair Length Down to her ass
Hair Style Straight, some curls
Special Features She looks almost exactly like Sadira
Markings 'VIII' tattooed on the shoulder, name branded on left hand, dolphins tattoed around the navel
Clothing Usually wears a tight latex bodice, in white.
Likes Sadira, The Jeweled Palace
Dislikes Those opposed to Sadira, Sinn, Visara.
Personality The exact opposite of Sadira
Occupation None
Class Ninja

Can you believe she used to be human?

Short History



  • Mastered Ninjutsu
  • Self-Improving Arcane spells (haste, might, etc).


best friends,
in love
(none yet)
good friends Sadira (X. Mortus)
(none yet)
acquainted (none yet)
disliked (none yet)
loathed (none yet)
hated Professor Sinn, Visara (H. Mortus)