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Dragons of the Godly Order decided to breed humans for the purpose of spreading the wisdom of the dragons throughout the land. Every dragon now regrets it considering how the Serpen'taii run loose and kill everything in their path…but the only way to destroy them is to pierce their dragon-scale chest and rip their 2 hearts out...

Region of Occupation: Caves, Sky Palaces, Forests, Mountains, Deserts

Clans within Species: Blue, Red, Green, White, Black, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Bronze, Crystal, Stone, Star, Moon, Celestial, Sun

Preferred Race(s): Humanoid races for feeding and economic purposes

Spoken Languages: Serpentai, Human, some Elvish

Allowed Classes: Fighters/Sorcerers (breath weapon magic)

Alignment(s): Chaotic Evil to Chaotic Neutral

General Appearance: Like their dragon ancestors, they have scales, but an incredibly human body. Most have a tail and wings, but there is an exception to every rule. Most have blue to yellow eyes, a forked tongue, and a dragon’s hands/claws. They have the basic appearance of what most would consider to be 'anthropomorphic'.

Important Serpen'taii: None of note.

Special Abilities: Flight, breath weapon.