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These elves are barely elves at all, only 1/4th as such by their parents, and, to preserve what little there was left of their elven culture and appearances, they too branched out, no longer wanting to be called the offspring of humans and half-human/half-Bierion elves...

Region of Occupation: Towns that collect near shores, some live in underwater caverns that have air pockets.

Clans within Species: K'il'ot, Po'juhd, My'ar.

Preferred Race(s): ...all, except humans.

Spoken Languages: Universal Elvish, Common, Ron'esti

Allowed Classes: Aquakineticists, Sea Beast-Tamer, Tidalist, Siren, Harpoonist, Fighter, etc.

Alignment(s): Varies, but commonly Neutral.

General Appearance: VERY light teal skin; Blue eyes with white pupils; fins on the thighs, calves, hips and biceps; gills on the neck; some do tribal tattooing; hair is usually lighter in color, but some have been known to be born with darker hair.

Important Ron'esti: Koona and Grayra, residents of Ex'intao.

Special Abilities: Breathe water, sonar voices, speed unmatched by other creatures underwater.