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Ribbon dragons, or "Ri-myr" as they are often called, are dragons that have already passed on, summoned usually by a sorceror of great power (as this frees the spirit). However, since the spirits are usually invisible to the eye, they are identified with a ribbon that wraps around to show the dragon's shape. Their breath weapon has died down since their death, but they can still conjure an ethereally flame if they feel threatened.--

A ribbon dragon!

Regions of Occupation: Any place really. Spirits have no real preference.

Climate Preferred: Any climate.

Known Clans/Tribes: Depends on the dragon being revived.

Preferred Races: Any.

Spoken Languages: None.

Allowed Classes: None.

Alignment: Chaotic good or Chaotic evil. Depends on the sorceror(ess).

General Appearance: None, ribbons vary in color.

Important Ribbons: None of note right now.

Special Abilities: Ethereal flame breath weapon, flight, immortality.