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Reni Juada

Reni is so cute.

Name Reni Juada
Age 18 (looks younger)
Race Human
Quote "It doesn't hurt, really!"
Gender Female
Height 5ft. 2in.
Weight 110lbs.
Body Type Small
Skin Color Pale
Hair Color Pink
Hair Length Long
Hair Style Curly, Pigtails
Markings Bite marks on the neck
Clothing She is usually dressed in a minidress with a collar to hide her bite marks.
Likes Being a vassal, Walks on the beach, sunsets.
Dislikes Being tired (though it happens alot), extreme weather.
Personality Shy, Quiet.
Occupation Blood Vassal to The Harem and Sadira
Class Rogue

Short Story

Reni was trained at a very young age to be a servant to Sadira. She has free will entirely, and CHOOSES to be the thrall of Sadira, as it is a mutually pleasurable relationship that they have.~


best friends,
in love
Sadira (X. Mortus), Iuyra
good friends Niisa
Reiika (F. Mortus)
acquainted Blaike (S. Mortus), The Harem
disliked (none yet)
loathed Talina (K. B'iren)
hated Professor_Sinn, Oriixa