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Lii'tenx is the birthplace of the Hraichi Elves, formerly the White Elves. It is a realm that has been very peaceful since the separation of the B'iren Twins, even though Secta'myr has proved to be an issue every now and then. The only known war was the one that Hanaran B'iren herself started, War of the Jukaii, in which she annihilated what was left of the White Elves and laid waste to a couple of systems in her path. She doesn't remember WHY she did this...but it is in her list of accomplishments.

Lii'tenx is outlined in green, the home planet of the B'iren Twins is circled.


There are 15 systems left in this realm, the one that is the most famous is Mj'ain, the star under which Sadira (X. Mortus) and Talina (K. B'iren) were born.


Race Number of Persons Bar
Hraichi Elves 120,000,000,000,000
Kalur Elves 23,000,000,000,000
Ki'ala'gir Elves 45,000,000,000
Mutarros 36,000,000,000
Jukain Elves 2,000,000,000
Others 320,000,000


They usually follow whatever is necessary to keep the peace, and they have a treaty with the Queen of Neverwere for protection and use of the Neverwerian Armies.

Interdimensional Exchange

Trading is allowed between D'ydamyr, Neverwere and the Realm of Andromeda.

Money System

Credits (every person has a card that gets stamped). Metronic cards are loadable with up to 4 million platinum credits per punch space, 20 total. Platinum cards have 15 spaces to punch on them, each worth 10,000 gold credits. Gold cards have 15 spaces to punch on them, each worth 5,000 silver credits. Silver cards have 15 spaces to punch on them, each worth 2,500 copper credits. Copper cards have 15 spaces to punch on them, each worth 100 c-tin. C-tin is worthless other than for spare change or small purchases.

Cards are electronically imprinted with spaces for the money, so no one can draw them in themselves. It is impossible to make counterfeit cards, as such, each has a unique electronic signature.


All gemstones are common here, and the rarest is Curatiyl, which tainted the Hraichi's skin. They've harvested the crystal and use it as weaponry.


The most common fruit is Mercaida berry trees, and the most common vegetable is hybrid berries (crossed between tomatoes and urakeed berries).


The most advanced technology that Lii'tenx will allow is gun technology and some simpler vehicles. Technology breeds violence, as some say.