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Often called "Quilt Elves" because of their skin, they are a forest dwelling and quite violent race...

Region of Occupation: Rainforests.

Clans within Species: L' a nii, Ax'ni'tra

Preferred Race(s): No one.

Spoken Languages: None.

Allowed Classes: Brutes, Sorcerers, and Clerics.

Alignment(s): Chaotic Evil.

General Appearance: "Patchwork Skin" - which is squares of different colors on the skin (no two are alike, either), enormous fangs (flesh-eating), large bodies (sturdy), long legs, long claws, completely black eyes, no hair is preferred, hair is naturally white. Smaller built Qu'tyni are born with wings (draconic).

Important Qu'tyni: n/a

Special Abilities: Super strength, Flight.