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Jonathan Xavier Sinn
Sinn and Visara.png

Visara and Sinn

Name Jonathan Xavier Sinn
Age Appears 25
Race Valquestrian-Human Hybrid
Quote "If it can move, it can be changed."
Gender Male
Height 6ft. 3in.
Weight 415lbs.
Body Type Slender, lithe
Skin Color Light Grey
Hair Color Black
Hair Length Long
Hair Style Ponytail, most of the time.
Special Features Other than the mechanical pieces, none of note.
Markings Scars from handling Sadira with "care".
Clothing Usually seen in laboratory gear.
Likes Experimenting on "lesser" beings, Sadira
Dislikes Being used, Valquestrians, etc.
Personality Quiet, Calm, Demure, Wise, Arrogant.
Occupation Geneticist
Class None.

Short Story

Jonathan Xavier Sinn was born eons before a time where the world was actually flourishing, and the universe was approaching the precipuce of peace and tranquility. And, even at an early age, Jon had a love of the occult, and of science. He was a bright and blooming child, and his parents couldn't be prouder of him. He'd won every award in school that he could possibly get, and as he grew older, his love for science, even things that no one believed existed ( like DnA and genetics ), things that he had to research on his own, grew as well. Around the age of 19, he started to experiment with the very fabrics of that which made up everyone and everything.

He had gotten a rather large grant from the government to continue on his research of a deadly virus that was spreading through his country, and was paid rather well once he found a cure for it. Fame...fortune...intelligence...good looks...there was nothing he couldn't have. And he had demanded a laboratory be given to him so he could develop new things and create things to make life easier for everyone, and in a matter of a month, one was built for him, on his home planet, Alovialus. And there was not a day thereafter that one couldn't find him meddling with some experimentation.

This all...of course...was 6 years before the god Daashub took his wrath out on nearly 90% of the universe, which spread to Sinn's own realm, and destroyed most of it along with his planet, his labs...his everything. So how did he survive...?

No one knew...except for the Valquestrians...they knew where he had gone. They'd been watching him when he figured out that something dire was going to happen to the universe...he'd calculated it...and they knew it. A race of demon-like beings gave him a work for them, or die. And he chose to work for them, taken from his home planet and moved to somewhere that he could never be touched.

His contract was simple...yet there was more work to it than it seemed. He had to be able to please the Valquestrian women...and still be able to build machinery and do whatever biological research that needed to be done. It drove him mad...he became more exhausted, but was blessed with everlasting life...something he learned to hate with a passion as time progressed.

Day after day...after exhausting ( mentally, sexually AND physically ) day, he finally couldn't take it anymore. He needed to get out of this predicament...and when Daashub destroyed a good portion of the was then that he decided to start making biological weapons capable of doing alot of damage...and he started ordering the kidnapping of people to do this to...

The 9...there were nine of them planned, and he had made it to VI before the rumors started to circulate...about the new Queen of Neverwere. Would they find out that the old Queen of Neverwere was slain by his first experiment...? Of course not...none would ever know what he had in the works for the new Queen beginnith the hunt for Kalika Asuki B'iren.

Powers and Abilities

  • Endurance
  • Teleportation
  • Flight
  • Immortality


best friends,
in love
(none yet)
good friends Niisa, Visara (H. Mortus)
Sadira (X. Mortus)
acquainted Dumirian (I. B'iren), Damien (M. Mortus), Blaike (S. Mortus), Lucern (D. Mortus),Layla (L. Mortus), Sokima (C. Mortus), Coorda (N. Mortus), Armend (O. Mortus), Tongeto Deor
disliked Talina (K. B'iren)
loathed (none yet)
hated Valquestrians (ALL OF THEM)