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Region of Occupation: Bitter cold regions, tundra, atop high mountains.

Clans within Species: Endangered, so only one clan: S'real.

Preferred Race(s): Jukain Elves, Humans.

Spoken Languages: Universal Elvish, Common, Kalur

Allowed Classes: Glaciakineticist, Brutes, can really be any, as long as they are trained.

Alignment(s): Chaotic Neutral.

General Appearance: Blue opal skin, light blue hair, eye color varies, cloven hands and feet, light green or blue fur from the wrists to elbows and from ankles to up to mid-thigh, short horns, long ears, do not believe in scarring (skin is hard).

Important Oparaxi: n/a

Special Abilities: Hawk Eye, Hi-Jump, Ice Mist Breath.