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Niisa Caramaracus

Niisa, a quick headshot.

Name Niisa Caramaracus
Age Sadira's age, minus 40,000 years.
Race Valkyrie (Formerly Human)
Quote "Oh my goddess!"
Gender Female
Height 5ft. 11in.
Weight 75lbs. (Skin only)
Body Type Athletic and Curvy
Skin Color White
Hair Color Blonde
Hair Length Long
Hair Style Wavy
Markings None
Clothing Usually seen in a leather bikini at the behest of her Majesty.
Likes Pain and suffering, Her Majesty, Fruit
Dislikes Happiness and personal revenge plots
Personality Quick-tempered, Vulgar, Explicit
Occupation Servant to the Queen of Neverwere.
Class Formerly a Amazon

Short Story

Niisa was a graceful warrior, it's true, but...she didn't have any respect for life. At all. At one point in her vicious murdering ways, someone begged the goddess for something to be done, out of fear that it would be devastating to their country. Sadira, ever busy with the entire realm, responded. She kidnapped the warrior and put her in a special cage for days without food and water. After two days of this kind of punishment, Niisa was ready to talk to the goddess.

"I beg you for forgiveness..." was all she really could say beyond the growling of her stomach.

Sadira shook her head. She knew that Niisa's intentions would never change...nor would her actions towards others. Her skills were formidable, and Niisa could be used as help around the palace for when she was not around.

Diving deep into Niisa's subconscious...Sadira sifted for what Niisa was really afraid of...and next to death, it was impossible to find anything...her fear was being eaten alive by animals...odd for a human with such skills.

Niisa was too weak in body and in will to fight Sadira's illusions...or what she thought was the time she wasn't really sure what was going on. Sadira had summoned the most foul and small creature she could think of...a flesh-eating worm that plagued her world in more than one swarm at a time. This animal, however small it was, was dangerous in numbers, and hundreds of them started to eat away at Niisa's flesh.

She screamed as loudly as she could, begging again to the goddess for forgiveness...but it wasn't long before her body and soul gave in to these creatures. But it didn't kill Niisa...despite having thought such a thing would occur.

The creatures stayed on her...essence. Her soul stayed in her shape...with all of these creatures crawling all over her. The pain had fortunately subsided...but her appearance...she was no longer the graceful and beautiful human she had been...she was something else...she was a monster.

Sadira held her claws out, "Now that I have rid you of that which you love so much...I can give you everything you'll need." Using her power alone, Sadira made a skin over Niisa's deformed shell, hardening it like porcelain...even giving it a tint of light light blue to finish it. She made Niisa into a large, living doll... "This is your curse for not realizing just how fragile and precious life is...should this skin crack and be pulled from your cursed corpse, you will die...and I will claim your soul."

Niisa, now in her new and rather fragile body, refused to leave Sadira's presence out of fear that she would be broken and permanently killed. "...your Majesty...may I ask something of you...?"

Sadira wasn't usually one to take requests, but sensing that change in Niisa made her change her mind. "...yes, you may."

"...I wish to serve you."

"...I accept...and from this day forth, everyone not worthy of life will be a servant to those that are..." with those powerful words, a precedent was set, and every cursed warrior would become a Valkyrie...and their only chance of redemption would be to serve those they have wronged.

Niisa now resides in the palace, head of the Harem, head of the Servants, and vice-ruler should Sadira be needed somewhere outside of the system for too long. She has redeemed herself...but chooses to stay a Valkyrie as a reminder to who she was...and who she is now. Her highest priority as of now is to keep watch over Reiika.


best friends,
in love
Sadira (X. Mortus)
good friends Reiika (F. Mortus)
Oriixa, Diara, Huura, Coo'linii, Estradiira, Liianne, Phraxa, Nuumii, Muur, Ima, Fiia Iuyra, Eeriiana
acquainted Reni
disliked Professor Sinn
loathed Visara (H. Mortus)
hated Malova (J. Mortus)