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Likion'estus Elves are one of the rarest races of elves that they are, and no one knows whether they are an offspring of two races or one and one knows. No one had ever thought to research...because no one has ever seen them...

Regions of Occupation: Unknown, thought to live underground.

Climate Preferred: Unknown.

Known Clans/Tribes: Clan of Silence.

Preferred Races: None. They prefer their own.

Spoken Languages: Celestial ( do not have their own language )

Allowed Classes: Unknown, the only known Likion'estus Elf was a powerful Siren.

Alignment: Unknown...but they haven't started any wars.

General Appearance: VERY transparent skin, organs and veins that are very light, white eyes with black dots for pupils, white hair with black tips, long ears that are usually pierced with black studs, fingernails are painted black, usually seen wearing white robes, when they are seen at all...

Important Likion'estus: Cygnus, the Siren.

Special Abilities: Unknown, thought to be psions.