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Layla Lurayne Mortus
Layla Lurayne Mortus.jpg


Name Layla Lurayne Mortus
Age 340,098 years older than Sadira
Race Mutant - Pixillia Mutant
Quote "Like the tide, love ebbs and flows..."
Gender Female
Height 6ft. 4in.
Weight 190lbs.
Body Type Athletic, Slender
Skin Color Pink
Hair Color White
Hair Length Short
Hair Style Page Boy
Markings "IV" tattooed on side of neck, 5 battle scars, name branded on rib-cage (left side).
Clothing Usually seen in a teal or purple bikini, to match her gloves.
Likes Romance, love, walks on the beach, mushy stuff
Dislikes Hatred, stupidity, betrayal
Personality Flirty, nice, manipulative (at times)
Occupation None
Class Necromancer

Short Story



  • Demonic LIKE Sexual Abilities (Orgasm Control, etc).
  • Super Speed
  • Flight
  1. Necromancy Spells
    1. Fear, Summon Skeleton, Poison Bolt, Gather Shadows, Mend Bones, Vampiric Embrace, Infectious Cloud, Summon Corpse, Spirit Armor, Corpse Explosion, Dominate Undead, Poison Shock, Bone Wall, Plague, Arch Lich, Touch of Death
  2. Charming Spells
    1. Infatuation, Charm Monster, Dominate Monster, Charm Person, Dominate Person, Kiss of _______, Allure


best friends,
in love
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good friends (none yet)
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acquainted (none yet)
disliked (none yet)
loathed (none yet)
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