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The Kapra-Con Twins

Typically rumored to be the "evil" spawn of a human and animal, but they're not. Kapra-Cons, or Kapradyn Coniscisus are an ancient, elegant race of beings who have a very interesting way of life. Many typically live in stone villages built in the deserts and other warm, arid regions that they come from. Many of them are able to learn their gods and goddesses ways in the Arcane Arts, but many choose to just embrace their natural-born agility and grace.

Fanra, the Celestial Gate Guardian.

Region(s) of Occupation: Forests, Deserts and Oases

Skin: Velvet texture, usually light grey, light tan, or white, but can be a various amounts of colors and patterns.

Fur Markings: Almost always found on ear tips, tails, paws, and feet, and always a darker color of the skin, patterns vary.

Eyes: Various colors. Can be any actually.

Hair: Usually a light color. Most common is light brown/blonde.

Tail Length: Long, very long, and slim. Or can be very short, like a manx.

Paws/Feet: Rather large in comparison to the arm thickness, very disproportional, fingers and toes are elongated and feline.

Age Expectancy: VERY LONG.

Languages Spoken: Kapra, Human, Elven.

Special Abilities: Cat-like agility, supersonic voices, bell entrapment.

Typical Society Structure: Equally-dominated hierarchy, "pharoah" type of ruler, often shadowed by a powerful Empress.

Saibot, a male Kapra-Con