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Around 1,000 years after the complete rebirth of the realm of Neverwere, many, many species began to move back to their homes from the neighboring dimensions. Among those were the Kalur elves, who spent all of their life learning how to manipulate fire in the volcanic regions that they lived in. They befriended the Hraichi and were forever grateful that they had restored their lands to their former glory...

Region of Occupation: Volcanoes and Hot springs (Very warm places)

Clans within Species: Dhamthal, Chara, Mytix, Verhill, Ringar, Arba, Balohr, Salijuhl

Preferred Race(s): Hraichi, Humans, Dwarves, Gnolls, Goblins

Spoken Languages: Universal Elvish, Surin (Constant Contact), Dwarven, Human, Goblin

Allowed Classes: Pyrokineticists, Psychic, Mage, Beast Master, Fighter, and Druid.

Alignment(s): Ranging from True Good to True Evil.

General Appearance: Black hair, Yellow eyes, Blood red skin, Long ears, Long claws, Defined muscle tone, some take on tattoos and piercings as they go on.

Important Kalur: Jyrra, a hunter who saught out Kalika.

Special Abilities: Withstand extreme heat, even molten lava (rumors, of course)!