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Regions of Occupation: Mountain tops, High Altitudes, Snowy Cliffs.

Climate Preferred: Cold, usually snowy, windy and cloudy.

Known Clans/Tribes: Djukiko, Huni, Lost.

Preferred Races: Elves in general.

Spoken Languages: Universal Elvish, Universal Common.

Allowed Classes: Elementalists, Beast Tamers.

Alignment: Usually Neutral...leaning more towards Evil.

General Appearance: Light pink skin, white eyes (pupils are seen, as are the irises), no scarring (but can get tattoos), medium length ears, long fingernails/claws, ram-like curled horns on their heads, and blonde or grey hair.

Important Jukain: Hjradj, a tempter of women.

Special Abilities: High density bones (cannot be broken), supersonic screeches.