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Jadajian are the offspring of human and H'sehtian elf breeding...though most don't realize such things...

Regions of Occupation: Plains, Fields, Open Areas.

Climate Preferred: Warm and windy.

Known Clans/Tribes: Lim, Nahda, Brigar'na.

Preferred Races: Hraichi, Kalur, and White Elves.

Spoken Languages: Hraichi, Kalur, White Elf, and Jadajian.

Allowed Classes/Jobs: Any/Wanderers and Nomads

Alignment: Neutral

General Appearance: Light purple skin, black eyes with white irises, Varied color hair, scarring (in all colors at once), Long ears that hang down a bit, long straight/spirally horns, 5 eyes on the head (one of the forehead, one underneath each normal eye).

Important Jadajian: None at the moment.

Special Abilities: Super speed, invisible at will.