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Imperial Vampires get their name from their noble demeanor, most of which derives from ages of serving under a Queen or King (chivalry is NOT dead, just undead) during earlier times. They feed from the blood of stronger beings in order to survive. This is the only vampirism that is contagious as a disease would be, caught only through blood or saliva.

Region of Occupation: Caves, Temples, Dark places

Clans within Species: Eclipse, Solaris, Lunaris, Verrisia, Mortus

Preferred Race(s): Humanoid races for feeding purposes…

Spoken Languages: Vampiric, Human, Elvish, Serpent

Allowed Classes: Fighters, Wizards, Druids, Bards, any other than a holy class.

Alignment(s): Chaotic Evil or True Evil

General Appearance: Like humans, range in height from 5’0” to up to 6’9”, Live up to 3000 years at a time (others have lived longer, this is an average), Pale skin, Fangs, Hair ranges between Dark Red to Black, long claws, Blue-grey eyes, toned bodies

Important Imperial Vampires: Malova (J. Mortus), King of Sectamyr.

Special Abilities: Super speed, strength, can become mists at will, can shape change to blend into environment, can pull blood from a body without a bite. CANNOT walk around in daylight.