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Humans have been in existence for longer than most races…however, in Neverwere®, humans are the lowest form of scum on the charts. For this, they give every race constant problems, especially the women of any race. Human women are fairly easy to deal with (in both ways), it is more or less the men who cause difficulties for anyone... they are considered the most rebellious of all races and will most always be on the offensive side of any fight.

Region of Occupation: Anywhere, usually gather in clusters and build towns

Clans within Species: None, take name of town

Preferred Race(s): Humans, Any other Humanoid.

Spoken Languages: Universal Human/Elvish, Serpent

Allowed Classes: can be any, “Jack of all Trades” race

Alignment(s): Ranging, depending on area, from True Evil to True Neutral to True Good.

General Appearance: Depends on area, most adapt to environment. Average 6’2”, Blue to Brown eyes, Black to Blonde hair, Skin tone depends on climate (cold for pale, hot for tan). Range from fat to skinny.

Important Humans: Jack D.

Special Abilities: None.