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Ky'arm'a'tyr, a Hraichi Elf

The Hraichi had once been simple White Elves, living on the outskirts of the continents and avoiding all other creatures at all times. They were peace-loving, but very isolationist at the same time, never wanting to get involved with trouble before it spread. But, their attitude on life would change dramatically, especially when the clans noticed that the sky had turned black. They prayed to the god for forgiveness, but since they hadn’t been anywhere near the plague of chaos, it would be too late for all of them.

Too much had happened elsewhere, things that were bad enough for the god to take His wrath out on everyone. But…He gave the Hraichi a warning, The Kyvian Caverns to the north of here will be safe for when I destroy all of the plaguing factors…all of you will be saved…but what I destroy will need to be rebuilt and you will do it. All of you. Or you will be destroyed along with everything else. Know that I am not lying about this…now, remove yourselves from this area and do not return until the skies have turned pink…then it will be safe.

All of the Hraichi heard this warning at the time, even smaller children whose psionic powers had yet to develop. Immediately, all of the clans had moved themselves into the caverns, some going deeper into the caverns than others, just in case. After two hundred years of waiting in the caverns, the world was a brighter place…the skies were pink and red, and the dawning of a new age had come. However, it had come at a price. The Hraichi were changed, tainted from the insides of that cave by a crystal that coated the entire cavern. They went in as white elves, with skin and hair as pure as new fallen snow…but when they emerged, their skin had become tainted, midnight blue from overexposure to the mysterious gem. Their hair remained white, but their overall appearance had become dark…and they became known from that day forward as Hraichi elves, meaning “Elves of the Rebirth”, instead of the once pure White Elves.

Regions of Occupation: Usually Caverns, some have been known to stay in swamps and other murky places.

Climate Preferred: Any climate.

Known Clans/Tribes: Uri, Surin, Du’muhl, Karu, Lerin, Hurihl, Tsuna

Preferred Races: Kalur elves, humans are a severe maybe.

Spoken Languages: Universal Elvish, Dwarven and human.

Allowed Classes: Ranger, sorceresses of any school, fighter, cleric, monk, thief, bard, psionic, druid, etc. Only females can be magic-users.

Alignment: Neutral, some have been known to follow a chaotic path.

General Appearance: Midnight blue skin, very long ears (pierced), tribal scarring (usually pink or reddish in tint), white hair, yellow or green eyes.

Important Hraichi: Kalika B'iren, better known as Sadira (X. Mortus). Talina (K. B'iren), Kalika's biological twin. Dumirian (I. B'iren), Sadira's father. Alu'ran Di'iden, Professor Sinn's lap dog and Kalika's arranged husband, Reiika (F. Mortus): child of Sadira (X. Mortus).

Other Hraichi: Ky'arm'a'tyr

Special Abilities: Night vision in purple scale (as a result of the glowing yellow irises).

Language: Hraichi