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2 Floors Down, directly UNDER Sadira's bedroom. Accessible only by a door that is in the hallways of the floor, but they will not answer THAT door, they only like answering the hatch in the ceiling, for obvious reasons.

Servants Allocated to the Harem


Aside from silk-clad beds, there are pillows everywhere, large jacuzzis, sex toys, swings, spreader bars, it's basically a silken paradise made for sex.

Rules of the Harem (as stated by the sign on the door)

  1. Nobody under the age of 18!
  2. No VIRGINS!
  3. No animals!
  4. No food, no drink (we have that in here)!
  5. No toys (we also have those here)!
  6. No less than 3 hours per stay!

Have a nice day!

The Harem's Mentality

Many think that the Harem is merely a sexual atmosphere. is. But that's not all of what the Harem is about. These 23 women love Sadira. They've been with her since the beginning. They serve her in ways that no one can, and in a way provide the only emotional support the goddess gets. Her job is rough on her and the everyone within the palace. They actually LOVE her. They fear her. They care for her when no one else will. Sure, there's sex. It IS a harem. But these women will literally fight for Sadira. They are warriors, and will fuck someone up if they try anything funny.

The Harem's Schedule

Schedule? What schedule? They come and go as they please. They are given free reign of the palace, and can do as they wish around the Sanctuary. The only set "schedule" they have is when Sadira is home in her bedroom, at that time they all (at once) go up to service Her Majesty.