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Green dragons evolved from the spinosaurus, a terrifying predator that rivals the tyrannosaurus rex in size and in ferocity. However, from a prank by a few scientists, these creatures soon had their eggs doused in a mysterious acid, which changed their makeup entirely...they were able to fly after that, and fast, with the ability to breath the bone-melting acid that had tainted their being...

Regions of Occupation: In fields that spew sulfur, usually near gasy geysers and volcanoes.

Climate Preferred: Warm and arid.

Known Clans/Tribes: n/a

Preferred Races: Don't like anyone.

Spoken Languages: Universal common, G'ia-Yator.

Allowed Classes: n/a

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

General Appearance: Their scales are usually dark to a bright green (sometimes yellow-green), a long elongated spinal fin, with massive claws and hooves on their back feet, blue or red eyes, with a red and green mane (like a lion).

Important Green Dragons: n/a

Special Abilities: Flight, acid breath, super speed.