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Blessed by the Goddess of Ice, Mii'Loora, these elves resemble the Hraichi almost exactly, and at times, it's hard to tell them apart, but the Hraichi have scarring, the G'arinyr do not believe in such rituals.

Regions of Occupation: Tundras

Climate Preferred: Snow, cold, freezing water, etc.

Known Clans/Tribes: Hrech, Duex, L'iiroheim.

Preferred Races: Hraichi and ONLY Hraichi.

Spoken Languages: Hraichi, Elvish.

Allowed Classes: Hunter, Wizard, Icist

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

General Appearance: Dark blue skin (only a hint lighter than Sadira (X. Mortus)), white hair, amber grey or blue eyes, no scarring.

Important G'arinyr: Dumirian (I. B'iren), Sadira's biological father, 3/4 Hraichi, 1/4 G'arinyr. So that makes Sadira and Talina 7/8 Hraichi.

Special Abilities: Withstand extreme cold, immune to cold/ice.