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Fiirda'lakeem (Bringer of Frost)
Name Fiirda'lakeem (Bringer of Frost)
Age 13 years younger than Sadira
Race Blue-White-Dragon Hybrid
Quote "Calm down Sadira."
Gender Male
Height (from toe to horn tip, standing erect) 180ft, (from nose tip to tail tip) 220ft, 195ft wingspan
Weight 56,000lbs.
Body Type Slender, muscular
Skin Color Scales are silver with a blue sheen
Hair Color Mane is blue and white mixed
Hair Length --
Hair Style --
Markings none
Clothing none
Likes Her Majesty, Stormy Days, Thunderstorms in Winter.
Dislikes Those opposed to Sadira.
Personality Reserved, quiet, wise.
Occupation Sentient Mount to the Queen of Neverwere.
Sadira, Fiirda, and the small army of A'xii'tameht.

Short Story

Frost (his english name!) was actually found as a whelp, a baby dragon that had just hatched a few weeks before being found, struggling to survive. His mother was a white dragon (of snow) and his father was a blue dragon (of lightning), and he was born as a hybrid of the two, with bright green glowing eyes. For about an Arutakain week (12 days), Frost cried, having gotten stuck under the thick root of a nearby tree while chasing his meal. But it was a certain blind Hraichi that found him.

Kalika (our Goddess pre mutation!) helped the poor creature by using her psionics to see him and get his wings unlodged from the root. That alone drained her energy to the point that she passed out, but when she awoke, the dragon pup was curled up next to her, snuggled into her and sleeping. "Oh!" she said, unsure at first as to what was next to her. But, upon feeling the scaled flesh, she realized that it was the same dragon pup that she had rescued. "Oh my goodness! You didn't leave afterall."

The dragon, at this time, could not speak common, or even Hraichi for that matter, but he did settle himself in her lap. Frost was no bigger than an actual puppy at the time, just big and heavy enough to actually fit comfortably in her lap. He could only make cute lizard-like noises and whimpers, but he didn't threaten her at all.

"Oh! You want to go with me? That's...I mean that's okay. I'll have to make somewhere away from the humans so that you could live around here without worry, but sure, that's fine with me!" she said, giving Frost a hug.

The dragon pup blew a cold breeze onto her with a smile, and she said something he'd never forget, "Fiirda'Lakeem"...which means "Bringer of Frost" or "Wraith of Frost" in Hraichi. And he loved that name. He loved all things about her. Protected her, until the day he was taken away from her...or rather...the day she was taken from him...~

Powers and Abilities

  • Lightning Breath
  • Ice Breath
  • Thunderous Voice
  • Hawk Eye (has two sets of eyes, great vision)

Size wouldn't be considered an ability, but it helps.


best friends,
in love
Reiika, Sadira
good friends Niisa, Reni
Xxyrthica, Symara, Liila,
acquainted Ser'pin'tiik
disliked Tongeto Deor
loathed Talina
hated Professor_Sinn, Malova, Visara, Dumirian, Damien, Blaike, Lucern, Layla, Sokima