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Fiarexian Elves are those born from the dark desires of man, a manifestation of every original sin, shown by their ebony skin and lack of inhibitions~

Regions of Occupation: Underground. Never venture out unless it is dark.

Climate Preferred: Dark, damp and cool

Known Clans/Tribes: C'es, Luropian, Asimi, Tontu'iir

Preferred Races: Serpentaii, Hraichi

Spoken Languages: Serpentfolk, Hraichi, Elvish

Allowed Classes: Rangers, sorcerors, Nightcrawlers, any that can be limited by daylight.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

General Appearance: Black skin, blonde or silver hair, yellow eyes, grey scarring.

Important Fiarex: Malustus, a "mate" to Sadira (forced, and she doesn't remember him anyways...>.>); Dumra, a child to Sadira, Malustus's son.

Special Abilities: Perfect vision at night (full color), natural affinity to learn the dark arts.