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Sadira's Redesign.jpg

The illusion that is Sadira's puppet.

Name "Shadow"
Age 8,000 (appears 25)
Race Inorgianos-Hraichi Elf
Quote "Calculation and anticipation are quite deadly...don't you think?"
Gender Female
Height 13ft. 11in.
Weight 4992lbs.
Body Type Athletic and Curvy
Skin Color Dark Blue
Hair Color White
Hair Length Short, mohawked, shaved on one side.
Hair Style Half-side mohawk with bangs
Markings See "Special Features"
Clothing None, disdains the wearing of clothes.
Likes ...
Dislikes ...
Personality Sadistic
Occupation Spy
Class Elemental Kineticist

This is the fabricated body that Sadira uses to produce the illusion that she is around.

The Creation of Evea

Sadira had been in trouble with the spirit guardians after discovering her past...discovering that she had once been a normal person, had a family that loved her, even a sister, the same sister she was at war with. And her could she be upset at Visara? Visara, even though they had fought for centuries in the labs and everywhere else (often quite fatally), she couldn't bring herself to face her own mother, her father, or her sister. The entire event drove her insane, and she unleashed a brutal amount of energy that was whipped to destroy everything in its path. Xyyr rewound time itself in order to stop Sadira's power from destroying the very fabric of reality, and locked her away in chains that even she couldn't break. This is where her REAL body resides.

Evea, the shadow husk that Sadira uses to communicate with the world, was created by Xyyr. As of now, no one has ever seen the real Sadira. Sadira's memories of her family have been erased, and everything was reset to what was going on before the drama started.

Powers and Senses

  • Sadira is allowed to use all of her powers, tuned down and under control. Everything she "sees", feels, smells and the like is experienced in her real body and her husk.
  • Multiplying - Since Sadira is required to be omnipresent, she can create multiple husks and send them out to do their work as needed. They act, walk, talk, and perform like Sadira because they are her.