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Dumirian Iktharius B'iren
Name Dumirian Iktharius B'iren
Age Ageless
Race Ascended-Hraichi Elf
Quote "Fear has its uses...I believe in diplomatic measures first."
Gender Male
Height 6ft. 7in.
Weight 250lbs
Body Type Muscular, but lithe
Skin Color Dark Blue
Hair Color White with black tips
Hair Length Long
Hair Style Usually wild or in a pony tail
Special Features Bright white angellic wings
Markings Tribal scarring, pink
Clothing Tight pants, loose-fitting shirt (long sleeved), boots, and a belt
Likes World-surfing, diplomacy
Dislikes Having to use violence to persuade.
Personality Loyal to a fault, quiet, easy to avoid conflict
Occupation Royal Guard
Class Elemental Kineticist-Duelist

Basic Profile

Dumirian B'iren, Ascended.
  • He is one of four Ascended Hraichi Elf Guardians.
  • He is Sadira and Talina (K. B'iren)'s father.
  • He still has the ceremonial ring of his marriage to Visara (H. Mortus) on his finger.
  • He is a very quiet warrior, swift to deliver justice.
  • He has blue eyes, which is odd for an Hraichi Elf.
  • He always carries the sash that he once had to cover his daughter's eyes tied to his belt. At all times.

Short History

Dumirian is one of the oldest living survivors of the Uri Clan of Hraichi Elves, and the only reason he is still alive is because of his ascension.

He was born in a time of peace and redemption of all of the creatures and beings in Lii'tenx. He was just a boy when the god Daashub reeked havoc on the world that he knew, so even as a child, he was working to help rebuild what the humans had caused. His hatred grew for humans as his body did, for he was taught that all of the work that he and his clan had done to bring the world back to life would be destroyed by humans again, and he was determined to make sure that that didn't happen.

Dumirian spent his entire life training after the rebirth of the Realm in order to protect it. Even when he settled down with his pre-arranged wife, Hanaran, he was always training. He wanted to have strong boys to teach the ways of the sword. Women of the Hraichi tribes were always taught arcanic magics, so there was no real need to teach them weaponry.

He was blessed with two baby girls.

He was not ungrateful for such a blessing, not even when the local shaman told him and his wife that they were to have only one child. He had twins. Both of which were born bearing the mark of their god, Daashub, on their necks.

Unfortunately, his oldest was blinded at birth, and the two girls wouldn't get along even if he tried to make them. He and his wife took the two children to the wise men of the tribe...where he was told that his daughters were part of a sinister plot by their own god...

Hanaran and Dumirian escaped from their tribe, but Daashub had other plans. The god forcibly removed the twins from the parents' custody, and separated them. Kalika was sent to Neverwere, and Talina was sent to Andromeda.

This broke him. His wife was gone, his children were gone, and his sanity fled him. He became a warrior for hire. He never, however, accepted a quest that was on the evil side of the coins, so to speak.

He was chosen by the other gods of the other realms to protect his children and the balance of the worlds. He absolutely did not believe it, not until he fought to keep Sadira safe -without knowing it was his own daughter! She, being as graceful as she was, recommended him to the gods...and he was allowed to ascend.

When he found out that Sadira was his daughter...the hatred of Professor Sinn nearly consumed him. How could someone DO that to his own daughter? To anyone, even? He had to stop Sinn...and he was willing to do anything to stop him!


Ascension made Dumirian an Archangel of Justice.

Powers and Abilities

  • Flight
  • Swordsmanship
  • Blacksmithing
  • Super Speed


best friends,
in love
Sadira (X. Mortus), Talina (K. B'iren), Visara (H. Mortus)
good friends (none yet)
(none yet)
acquainted (none yet)
disliked (none yet)
loathed (none yet)
hated Professor Sinn