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Layla, a Dum'yran Elf

No one quite knows the origins of these mysterious graceful elves~

Regions of Occupation: Forests, plains, and deserts

Climate Preferred: Calm, temperate

Known Clans/Tribes: Chi'ren, Kydar, Pikaxi, Viran

Preferred Races: Moon vampires, Mu'tyr, Sraithians, humans, Ptera-moa, Hraichi

Spoken Languages: Luna, Chi, Pxyr, Human, Ptera, Elvish.

Allowed Classes: Any. No limitations, however most choose to be Psions.

Alignment: True Neutral.

General Appearance: Light pink to magenta skin, hair ranges from white to black (follows greyscale), green or blue eyes, tattoos.

Important Dum'yran: Layla (L. Mortus). Taina, a child of Sadira.