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Cerebral Valquestrians are a subset that have COMPLETE CONTROL of the mind. Their brains are much larger than a normal humanoid and they can use a much higher percentage of their brains.

Region of Occupation: Psychoisolation chambers.

Clans within Species: Nervulus, Glia, Syna

Preferred Race(s): Any race of an evil nature!

Spoken Languages: All

Allowed Classes: Psion, Seer.

Alignment(s): Chaotic Evil or True Evil

General Appearance: See-through skin (so that the veins and all are showing), greyscale eyes and hair (hair moreso from mental stress), short fingernail claws, spinal cages with exposed brains, short tails (down to knee).

Important Cerebral Valquestrians: Appado, the only GOOD cerebral valquestrian.

Special Abilities: Teleportation, high-powered psionic spells, telepathy, telekinesis, etc.