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Capria originally began as the forbidden cross between a Kalur and a human, to create a more elven-looking human (for trade purposes for regions that disapprove of humans totally), and after a while of being used, the Capria didn't see a reason to stay in the Kalur or Human culture, creating one of their very own~

Regions of Occupation: Deserts, Oasis, arid regions.

Climate Preferred: Very hot (100F at the very least), dry, sandstorms.

Known Clans/Tribes: Li'Ran, Jy'ntoa, Oraisis, Ktir.

Preferred Races: Sand dwarves, Kalur, humans, Hraichi, Ki'alagir.

Spoken Languages: Dyluth, Dwarven, Kalur, Hraichi

Allowed Classes: Pyrokinecist, bard, waterbearers, fighter, tempest, sorcerors, paladins, and storm chasers.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

General Appearance: Olive skin, dark brown or white hair, blue eyes, minor scarring that is yellow.

Important Capria: Jander Rushtail, Child of Sadira.

Special Abilities: Withstand heat, create water.