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Blue dragons evolved from the dinosaurs known as iguanodons, having sprouted wings to be able to glide, not fly (since their wings are not big enough). Their elongated finger on the inside of their hands are used for spiking their opponents. With being captives of wizards for ages, they were enchanted with the ability to breathe lightning, mostly used to control the weather for dry planets. Eventually, their hatchlings were born with the same magic properties.

Regions of Occupation: Anywhere, but prefer the seclusion of tall forests.

Climate Preferred: Moderate, rainy.

Known Clans/Tribes: n/a

Preferred Races: Any, but they better not be wizards.

Spoken Languages: Universal Common, Universal Elvish, B'ator.

Allowed Classes: None, prefer to hunt on their own.

Alignment: True Good.

General Appearance: Their scales range from dark blue to light blue with a white or greyish underbelly. They have short horns, and a row of spikes down the back to the tail tips. Some have longer spikes, depending on age. Eyes are usually blue or purple.

Important Blue Dragons: n/a

Special Abilities: Gliding, climbing any material, lightning breath.