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Blaike Sephyr Mortus
Blaike S. Mortus.jpg

Ain't he sexy?

Name Blaike Sephyr Mortus
Age 98,650 years older than Sadira
Race Mutant - Angura Mutant
Quote "Hmhm...such a trivial girl..."
Gender Male
Height 6ft. 9in. - 12ft. with wing height added.
Weight 240lbs
Body Type Athletic, Slender
Skin Color Pale Peach
Hair Color Red
Hair Length Long
Hair Style Straight, sometimes ponytailed.
Special Features Blue jewel on the forehead, "fiber optic" feathered wings
Markings ‘V’ tattooed on top of left foot, angel on right shoulder, 12 scars on each wing sprout caused by IX, VIII, and VII
Clothing No shirt, black leather pants and boots.
Likes Manipulating the weak, experimenting with new ways to have fun
Dislikes ....
Personality Extroverted, but shy at the same time.
Occupation Bounty Hunter
Class Sky Lord

Accomplishments: Discovered a way to reverse the mutating in an experiment’s body. However, Sadira’s condition is irreversible. He injected the fluid into her brain and it made her mutating worse and more painful. Mastered Poison Magic.

Other Information: He practices his genetic experiments on humans, and other worthless races. What he doesn’t know is that the Professor is keeping tabs on him…




best friends,
in love
(none yet)
good friends Sadira (X. Mortus)
acquainted Niisa
disliked (none yet)
loathed (none yet)
hated Professor Sinn, Visara (H. Mortus)