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Black dragons evolved from the archaeopteryx breed of dinosaur, and have grown rapidly for thousands of years. With the help of many wizards enchanting the eggs, this breed of dragon emerged with the ability to breathe and create smoke, and are often the cause behind volcananic eruption panic spread throughout the worlds.

Regions of Occupation: Mountains, Caves

Climate Preferred: Dark, damp, sometimes warm.

Known Clans/Tribes: n/a

Preferred Races: Lio'nestius Elves (as they share a skin color).

Spoken Languages: E'don, Elvish, Universal Common.

Allowed Classes: n/a

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

General Appearance: These dragons are bipedal, and their wings are feathered, as is their spine, right down to the tail tip. Their forearms are thin but muscular, and their underbelly is light grey with a black stripe down the center. Horns and tails vary. Eyes are usually yellow or green.

Important Black Dragons: n/a

Special Abilities: Flight, ash/smoke breath weapon.