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Biida (S. Dakeed)
Name Biida (S. Dakeed)
Age 21
Race Tyn'lia'diikai Elf
Quote "Sadira has sent me to talk to you...I do hope you can retain your manners."
Gender Female
Height 8ft. 4in.
Weight 450lbs.
Body Type Slender, some curves
Skin Color Pink
Hair Color Yellow
Hair Length Long
Hair Style Braided
Special Features Twin tails, instead of one, four pupils per eye (slashed).
Markings Spotted markings in a darker color of pink down the back, back of arms and legs, topside of tails, back of neck, and on the face.
Clothing Usually seen in servant-wear, but has outfits all her own as well.
Likes Solitude, quiet, and relaxation.
Dislikes Chaos, unorganized people, cookies.
Personality Mysterious, estranged, quiet.
Occupation Diplomat
Class Psion


Biida's pretty face and her splotched pattern.




  • Fatal poison in left tail gland, antidote in the right.
  • Agile
  • Super high mental defense and offense.
  1. Psionic Spells
    1. Passive Psionic Spells: Comprehend Languages, Detect Thoughts, Discern Lies
    2. Active Psionic Spells: Telepathy, Telekinesis, Weird, Clairvoyance, Memory Obliteration/Persuasion, Telekinetic Levitation, Telekinetic Shield


best friends,
in love
Reiika (F. Mortus), Fiirda,Tongeto Deor, Evea
good friends Niisa, Reni, The Harem
Xxyrthica (B. Mortus), Symara (A. Mortus), Liila (D. Mortus), Sokima (C. Mortus)
acquainted Damien (M. Mortus), Blaike (S. Mortus), Lucern (D. Mortus), Armend (O. Mortus)
disliked Layla (L. Mortus)
loathed Axeface
hated Professor Sinn, Malova (J. Mortus), Visara (H. Mortus)