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Bierion Elves were bred and raised for the waters, even the rushing and rapid waters that seem impossible to live in or even sail on!

Regions of Occupation: Sand dunes near shorelines, underwater caves, underwater cities

Climate Preferred: Warm and sunny or cool and stormy.

Known Clans/Tribes: Aslen, Cart'yr, Crescent, Dakan, Risaco

Preferred Races: Merfolk, therianthropic sea people, Hraichi, humans

Spoken Languages: Aquatic Sonar, Elvish, Carsectian.

Allowed Classes: Harthingyer, fighter, bard or siren, sorcereor, Aquatic kinecist.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

General Appearance: Light blue to grey skin, varied eyes, dark blue hair, visible gills on arms and thighs, aquatic webbing between fingers and toes, branched ears, and scarring, from birth.

Important Bierion Elves: Nitrina Xyluth, child of Sadira (X. Mortus). Ambassador Blit'ier.

Special Abilities: Breathe underwater.