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Often considered angels by their onlookers, Axian elves have ascended from desert priests and priests, given the gift of flight by their god (who at the time was Ki'darn, a god before Daashub). Now they are born with wings, beautiful grey wings~

Regions of Occupation: Mountain tops, High Altitudes

Climate Preferred: Cold, usually snowy, windy and cloudy

Known Clans/Tribes: Death, Moon, Star, Ki'da, Sestyr, Xima-tan

Preferred Races: Hraichi, Dwarves, Any sentient Avian race

Spoken Languages: Universal Elvish, Axian, Celestial

Allowed Classes: Sky Raiders, Shamans, Clerics, Archers, Rangers, Spelunkers, Titanists.

Alignment: Usually Neutral...leaning more towards Good.

General Appearance: Tanned skin, very light colored hair, varied eyes, no scarring, Tribal body paint, feathered grey wings.

Important Axian: Cia'est Dilano, a child of Sadira (X. Mortus). High Priestess Kalamyr, and Orion.

Special Abilities: Flight.