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Arutakai   Symbol of Arutakai

Arutakai, when the moons are behind the planet.

Diameter 79,898 km
Mass 102.40 × 1024
Density 987 kg/m3
Minimum Distance from Zetanos 4.46 billion km
Maximum Distance from Zetanos 8.21 billion km
Satellites 7
Rings 9
Atmospheric Conditions Storms, Electrical Disturbances, Snowy
Rotation Period around Axis 87.32 hours
Revolution Period around Zetanos 265 years
Tilt of Axis 42o 36"
Surface Gravity 323 m/s2
Temperature at Cloudtops -210o Celsius
Temperature of Livable Surface Average 67o Celsius
Atmospheric Composition Methane, Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen

Arutakai lies at the edge of Neverwere, orbiting the red star, Zetanos...