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Armend Orivahnn Mortus
Name Armend Orivahnn Mortus
Age 600,000 years older than Sadira
Race Mutant - Mikadahj Mutant
Quote "Everyone has a purpose. Yours is just with me."
Gender Male
Height 7ft. 3in.
Weight 429lbs.
Body Type Muscular
Skin Color Dark Purple
Hair Color Red
Hair Length Long
Hair Style Braid on one side, straight rest of the way
Special Features Extra set of arms at the ribline, a long tail, thick like a dragon.
Markings Battle scarring, tattoos.
Clothing Usually seen in a pair of loose pants, no shirt, with gloves over the hands and a mask over the face (both cloth).
Likes n/a
Dislikes n/a
Personality Temperamental, non-approachable, quick to fight.
Occupation Hunter
Class Brute

Short History

Armend was born in a small town on a planet not too far from the edge of Sect'amyr. He had a fairly happy childhood, until he was taken away from it all by a band of Valquestrian bandits. Without warning or reason, it seemed that he was no longer allowed to have the life he had been given. Oh no...he was to become the first of a set of brutal and inhumane experiments, conducted by none other than Professor Xavier Sinn himself.

Number I

Upon his capture, Armend was branded with the symbol for '1' on his left wrist with a hot iron, a mark in which Sinn described as "making it obvious that Armend belonged to him". As much as Armend protested this, there was nothing at the time that he could do about it. And as the first experiment in line, he would set a precedent for the others in how they would be treated, for sure.

Strapped onto a cold operating table for days, hunger started to work its way into the young Uruunian Elf's being. But, he had to be drained of energy before being tampered with, that was the Professor's first rule for doing anything: The weak cannot fight.

The experiment itself had already been completed, the Professor had spent ages perfecting the liquid that was to be injected into Armend's body to change him, and it contained a highly concentrated DNA mutagen formula, which stripped the DNA strands raw and forced different sets of DNA from different creatures into the blank helix. Once injected, Sinn ordered the assistants to have Armend suspended in a pod full of liquid, which MOST assumed was water, but was actually a liquid that would soak nutrients into the skin to nourish from what was lost in the starvation period.

The Pod

Professor Sinn created 9 pods, special to each experiment that he had planned to use. Armend's was not the biggest, but it was one of the most maintained ones in the lab (the only one used so far). It was elliptical in shape, around ten feet tall, minus the connectors and tubing at the top and bottom, and around eight feet in diameter. Why it needed to be so big he had no clue...but as he was put in, there was plenty of room to float. He had a tube shoved down his throat, connected to a mask that would help him breathe in the liquid solution, and braces wrapped themselves around his biceps, thighs and neck to keep him still...the mutation was going to be painful, and Sinn took precautions, as he knew how it would be.


Armend was in his pod all of 2 days before his body started to feel weird. He could barely see as it was, but he could swear that his wrists were splitting open...and bleeding this gruesome black fluid...which didn't seem affected at all by the solution he was floating in. That black...liquid...started to encase him, squeezing the air out of him, and covering his entire body. It was when he was completely covered that the pain started...light at first, and then, almost instantaneously excruciating. His bones felt like they were breaking, and his concentration had been broken...else he would have noticed that they actually were breaking! His skin was tearing, his muscles were ripping apart and pulling off the bone, all within that black encasement.

Far too much pain to handle at that point, he passed out, letting his muscles and organs do what they needed to...but when he finally woke up (3 months later, stabilized), his body was different...and he couldn't remember anything. Nothing. Not one thing to let him know who he was or what was going on. He had grown an extra set of arms, and a tail as thick and deadly in appearance as a dragons...none of which he would ever know didn't exist, just as the professor would like it.

The Escape Attempt

Armend had decided that he didn't want to stick around in the laboratories to find out who or what he was supposed to be...he longed for freedom, and damn it, he was going to have it.

One of the assistants, Tiden, had been alerted to the awakening and had set the pod to drain and release Armend from its grasp so that he could help him get his orientation back...but Armend was already well oriented. He, upon being released from the needles, tubes, and wires, smashed through the pod's thick glass, and immediately ran as far as his newly formed muscular legs would take him. He got as far as the end of the laboratories before he was electrocuted, struck at the back of the neck, and chained to the floor of his very own cage, chains which would electrocute and drain his lifeforce should he try to break them. As many times as he thought about trying to escape again, he had accepted his fate as a pawn, as a warrior...and as a the Professor.

Armend's Mutant Life

For a slave of violence, he was treated rather well, fed daily, cleaned, and allowed to exercise regularly. Even being forced to fight wasn't so there were very very few who could even lay a hand on him. He was starting to enjoy being a beast. And, upon his intellectual mutation, he was allowed to be free from the chains, as long as he participated in the Professor's Colosseum when he was needed. It didn't seem all that bad to him anymore.

The First Mission

After two hundred years of being faithful to the Professor, Sinn decided that it was time to give Armend a job, something to help him around the labs. Sinn needed someone strong enough to capture new experiment candidates without dying. Armend had proven himself to be one that couldn't die or be harmed really. He was perfect for this mission: Kidnap Cooma L'akiid from the nearby planet of Arasti'anao. Piece of cake. But...something happened along the way.

Something actually went wrong in the transporter machine's engine, and he was NOT moved to that planet in Sect'amyr...he was put smack dab in the center of a realm two borders away: Neverwere!

Something that the Queen at the time didn't take too kindly of.

Without even thinking twice about it, Piima Seht (The Queen), decided to take Armend "the monster" on herself, and she was a warrior Matriarch.

The Battle with the Queen of Neverwere

The battle itself wasn't as impressive as the fact that the woman was actually standing her ground against Armend! A small, 5ft. 7in. warrior with sword skills like a goddess. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. After two days of fighting back and forth, she just...couldn't hold up anymore. Armend delivered a fatal blow with his claws, ripping out the Queen's heart and shattering it like a glass window.

That released the spirit of the Queen...right into the palms of the God of Neverwere, Dashuub. It was at that instance, the god of Neverwere prepared a child's spirit to become the new queen. a way...Armend was responsible for the birth of Sadira (X. Mortus) and Talina (K. B'iren) (though he didn't know this!).

Continued Life

Armend was finally transported BACK to the labs, and in horrible shape. The people of Neverwere had risen up against Armend for slaying their queen! For this...Sinn punished him, by concealing him again in the pods, draining and refilling his energy to put him in pain over and over again. Sinn had sent someone ELSE to get Cooma L'akiid. He didn't wake again until Number IV came along...Layla (L. Mortus).

The bond between the siblings at this point was rather peaceful, each did their part daily in the labs. There were some fights, but mostly between the two females. They were fighting almost entirely over Number III, from what Armend heard, he was "the perfect man". Armend did his part to stay out of it, fighting everyday to keep himself in shape. However, no longer was he sent out for missions, not after killing someone so popular throughout the 9 Realms.

Visara and Sadira

Armend spent most of his days in the Colosseum, for the most part, at least until the later women of the 9 started to roam around the labs. More particularly Sadira and Visara. The two looked so alike...and yet...they hated each other so much. Armend fell rather hard for Sadira...but the ninth, and precious one to the professor, wouldn't give him the time of day. And that...angered him. All of the other experiments got along so well...why did Sadira ignore him? She spent most of her time with Damien!

He had asked the Professor a that would cost him his life. He asked the Professor to put him and Sadira in the ring with him. The FIGHTING ring. Oh yes, the Professor agreed...knowing all too well that Sadira was going to give him the fight of his life. He'd even give Sadira a handicap for Armend. She'd be chained down, and him not.

And that didn't go the way Armend had hoped.

Sadira got the jump on him. She was far too fast and too strong for him. Before he could have Sinn stop the battle, Sadira slit his torso open, bathing in his organ's acids...and the blood, oh how it soaked her flesh!


  • Super Strength
  • Rough Hide
  • Brutal Tolerance


best friends,
in love
Sadira (X. Mortus), Sokima (C. Mortus)
good friends Visara (H. Mortus)
Professor Sinn
acquainted (none yet)
disliked (none yet)
loathed Piima Seht
hated Damien (M. Mortus)