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Arj'uuk dragons are the only kind that can survive in space, and as such are spiritual guardians of many borders, even the Plane of M'iir Tek has Arj'uuk protectors! They are made of what would appear to be pure energy, and they reproduce with mitosis, since they are, indeed, celluar organisms.

Regions of Occupation: Space, sometimes land on moons to rest.

Climate Preferred: Cold and airless.

Known Clans/Tribes: n/a

Preferred Races: Any and all that are willing to not do harm.

Spoken Languages: Celestial, Universal Common, Arj'uukian.

Allowed Classes: Air Raiders.

Alignment: True Neutral

General Appearance: The appear to be amorphous creatures in the dragon shape, with a giant purple nucleus in its head, nerve endings and veins draping down the body, all the way to the tail.

Important Arj'uuk: n/a

Special Abilities: Flight, teleportation, breathing in space.