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Tunkara, an Alcycloline

Region of Occupation: Realm of Secta'myr

Clans within Species: None

Preferred Race(s): Aristefale, Humans, Kurienette

Spoken Languages: Kuri, some other languages for trade.

Allowed Classes: All, though most are not fighters. Many became Soulbinders for a hobby.

Alignment(s): Ranges from Lawful Neutral to Lawful Good

General Appearance: Feline structured body (anthropomorphic body type), any color combination and fur pattern, typically a medium to large sized body. They naturally start to degenerate at a very young age, so their body parts may be missing and replaced with either machinery or what some call "apparendages", or "apparition appendages" which are the collected souls of their victims. These too, range in many different colors, shapes and sizes, and can be changed at will. They have only one eye (cyclops), and can have short or long ears and tails, akin to the many different types of felines scattered throughout the dimension.

Important Alcycloine: Tunkara

Special Abilities: Psionic, many of them have developed a very high capacity for psionic use, due to the incredible weakness in their physical body. Soulharvesting, since their bodies decay, many have found a use for their soul-stealing eyes, and they pair it with high level machinery to create new limbs and restore lost parts.

About: They have very short lifespans, due to the fact that they deteriorate starting at puberty. No one is quite sure why yet, and before research can be completed, their bodies, along with the souls that are collected, are dispersed, cleansed, and recycled to new bodies, as the cycle of life continues.