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Many races of Neverwere and other realms do not usually condone interracial relationships, but these children have become so beautiful, that even their ancestors applaud their taboo creation...they are the offspring of a whole Jukain Elf and Fiarex Elf...

Regions of Occupation: Mountains, usually very high altitudes in forests and dark caverns.

Climate Preferred: Usually prefer a colder atmosphere, snow, ice, etc.

Known Clans/Tribes: None, as a small race, they keep to one big collection in cold areas.

Preferred Races: Jukain Elves, Fiarexian Elves, Other elves are tolerable.

Spoken Languages: Universal Common Elvish, Jukain, Fiarexian.

Allowed Classes: Glaciakinecists, Summoners, Brutes, Assassins, most can use any magic.

Alignment: Lawful Good, mostly.

General Appearance: Dark dark pink skin, horns like that of an Earthen Ibex ([1] Seen here.) that are usually bright silver or gold, most have long brown or light brown hair and keep them in dreadlocks, eyes vary from yellow to grey, fingernails are long, they have two sets of ears (a shorter elven set and a floppy goat ear set), and they usually wear fur coats or heavy leather to protect from the cold.

Important Kraedian: Akiida Co'mooa, the first born Kraedian.

Special Abilities: Weak against high amounts of heat, strong against ice, can withstand freezing cold waters, and can use ice-and-water based elemental attacks.